About the Library


The Humeston Public Library was created by Humeston City Ordinance 65 on April 6, 1925. For many years, the library was located at 113 Broad Street next to the post office.  In 2008, the library was blessed to move to a larger and more modern building located at 302 Broad Street.  The current library is across the street from Chris Street Memorial Park and half a block from the Mormon Trail Swimming Pool.  The location is ideal for kids and adults alike.

Past Librarians

Susie Mallette; Ruth Culmsee; Grace Vail; Martha Henderson; Maie Smith; Blanche Kyner; 

Angie Mitchell; Avril Meyers; (Please let us know of any other past librarians and the years they served)

1991-2001 - LaVonne Casey

2001-2004 - Diane McLaughlin

2004-2016 - Jackie Gunzenhauser

2016-2019 - Amanda Anderson

2019-2020 - Jackie Gunzenhauser

2020- Present - Karen Abel