Meeting Room Policy

The purpose of the Humeston Public Library Meeting room is the facilitation of library-related activities. When the room is not being used for these purposes, the room will be available to community groups, non-profit organizations, and private parties on a first come, first served basis. Availability of the meeting room will be determined by library staff. The Humeston Library reserves the right to cancel reservations when circumstances warrant; cancellations will not be made without prior notification. The meeting room will be available during library hours: Monday 1-5 PM, Tuesday 2-5, Wednesday 1-6 PM, Friday 1-5 PM, and Saturday 9:30-Noon. The meeting room may be reserved for outside of these hours and the key check out/check in procedure will be followed. Requests for the use of the meeting room must be submitted through the librarian at least two days in advance of the meeting. Emergency or late requests for the meeting room will be considered on a case by case basis. The meeting room may be reserved up to one year in advance. Requests for long-term training sessions or semester-long classes will be considered on a case by case basis. The recommended occupancy of the Humeston Public Library Meeting Room is up to 40 people. Groups larger than this should seek other accommodations for their anticipated function. Library sanctioned activities may use the meeting room free of charge. All other groups will be asked for a donation of $20 per use of the meeting room. In certain circumstances, fee may be reduced or waived. Special arrangements may be made for use of other library property (TV/DVD player, projector, flip chart easel) in the meeting room if available. Arrangements for use may be made through the librarian. User may access the Internet through the Ethernet jacks on the east or west walls. An Ethernet cord will be available upon request but meeting room users are responsible to bring their own computer equipment. Failure to leave the room in good order, misconduct, or damage to library property are grounds to refuse the user in the future and may result in the immediate termination of the event. The user is financially responsible for any damage to or loss of library property. Meeting room will be assessed after each use and if any damage is found, a bill will be presented to user. The user is responsible for insuring that the scheduled meeting or activity does not disturb library customers or interfere with work-related activities of the staff. Children using the meeting room must be supervised at all times. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the meeting room. All refreshments (including coffee and condiments) are to be provided by the user. Users are responsible for discarding their own trash. Clean-up is the responsibility of the user. Smoking and use of tobacco or alcohol on library property is strictly prohibited. Coffee pots, microwave, refrigerator and a small selection of serving utensils are available for use. The library will have coffee filters available for use free of charge. User is responsible for cleaning any items used and returning to their proper places. User shall supply dish cloths and towels for cleaning up the room. Visitor parking is available on Broad Street. Parking on the west side of the library is prohibited in case if emergency calls to the Fire Department. The Library is not responsible for accidents, injury, theft, or damage of personal items occurring in connection with use of the meeting rooms. Permission to use the Library meeting room does not imply endorsement of, or agreement with, the purpose(s) or the expression of any individual or organization by the Library or its staff. Any user who fails to abide by these policies may be denied future use of the meeting room.

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