About the Library Director

Meet Amanda Anderson, our library director.

I grew up in Johnston, Iowa and was a K-12 student in their schools. I loved going to our elementary library when I was younger and remember it being a class were we learned how to find books. We learned how to locate them by author or by the title of the book, using the little note cards neatly organized in the old wooden filing case. Once we found the book we eagerly searched for, we would take it into a little dungeon called the "Dragon Den" to read amongst ourselves. It was by far my best memory of elementary. I married my high school sweetheart Wes, in 2005 and we couldn't wait to start a family. We have 2 children, Owen age 9 and Madison age 6. They bring so much love, excitement and fun into our lives. They have the privilege of coming the library after school on the days that I work so seeing them grow in their reading is very rewarding to watch, which make my new found job even more of a blessing.

I feel blessed beyond measure at how my life has turned out and I am very excited to see what it brings in the future. I am really looking forward to trying new ideas out that can help bring the community into the library. I have my head spinning with ideas and will be extremely satisfied if only one of those ideas works out. I would like to thank my community for welcoming the "outsider" from Johnston, Iowa. You have treated me with so much respect and gratitude since we made the move to the south in 2010. Your welcoming has calmed me knowing that with your support and encouragement, I will be just fine as your New Director.