Library History

Read how this library was established and how it has evolved to become such an important part of our community.

The Humeston Public Library was created by the Humeston City Council on April 6, 1925.  The library has served the citizens of Humeston and the surrounding rural area ever since.  Shortly after the creation of the library, the location was moved to the lower level of the Oddfellows Hall on the first block of Broad Street.  That location served the library well for many decades.  With the increading demand for technology and neutral gathering space for the community, the space became too small to hold a thriving and growing library.  In August of 2003 the Library Board of Trustees began a building fund in anticipation of some day building a new building to house the library.  With tremendous community support of that vision, the library opened in its new spacious location on April 26, 2008.  The history of the library continues to be written each day as we grow and change to best meet the needs of our community.